18 June – optimising TV presence, breaking free from a creativity rut and what digital tools are actually good for

Bringing together charity communication news, stories and blog posts from the past week:

Charities need to optimise their television presence
The Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

Scottish Charity Award winners announced

Break free of the non-profit rut and get creative
Karen Zapp’s non profit blog

Evaluating social media? Try working out the value of a kiss

What digital tools are actually good for
Charity Buzz

5 unnecessary communications meetings
Charity Comms

Google+ the means to find the right people at the right time
The Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

800,000 have read this article, “social proof” inspiring action
Charity Comms

10 ways to use social media to increase fundraising opportunities
Bright One

How to use card-sorting to structure your website
KnowHow NonProfit

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